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All you need to know about LITOVET®

New LITOVET® is a unique patented 100% natural horse feed supplement, recommended by vets for horses, made from the specially cultivated Rosa Canina variety of rose-hips. It contains high levels of GOPO® (glycoside of mono and diglycerol), which has undergone vigorous research and has been shown to help maintain joint mobility and soundness in both humans and horses.

What are the active ingredients in LITOVET®?

Rose-hip (Rosa Canina) contains a number of bioactive ingredients that can help to offset the physical stress of training. Rosa Canina contains natural antioxidants, organic acids, flavonoids, carotenoids and has a naturally high vitamin C content. Of most significance, is the presence of a galactolipid substance known as GOPO® that has been shown in published studies in both humans and horses to support the body’s natural recovery process. Rose-hip (Rosa Canina) can therefore help to support the body’s natural recovery from the ongoing micro-trauma and inflammation associated with exercise training.

Does LITOVET® work?

LITOVET® is a specialised source of rose-hip powder for horses that has a unique standardised GOPO® content, achieved through a patented manufacturing process. Unlike many other feed supplements for horses, the beneficial effect of LITOVET® is supported by extensive research studies in humans and by an equine specific study carried out in performance horses. In a double blind placebo controlled trial involving 74 horses, LITOVET® helped to maintain the horses' natural recovery processes and significantly boosted antioxidant defences resulting in the horses in the supplemented group being more supple with a greater willingness to work during ongoing training. LITOVET® maintains mobility, suppleness and soundness, helping to offset the rigours of training and reducing the likelihood of loss of performance due to over-training.

Why feed LITOVET® and not just a supplement containing 'rose-hip'?

LITOVET® is manufactured by a specific process to ensure that it contains a high level of GOPO® resulting in a product with unique qualities. This high level of GOPO® cannot be found in any other equine joint supplement in the UK. GOPO® and the special process that is used in its manufacture are both protected by patents.

Rose-hip extract that does not contain GOPO® has not been shown to help maintain joint mobility.

How long will a tub of LITOVET® last?

LITOVET® is available in 1.5kg tubs lasting approximately 2 months and 3kg tubs lasting approximately 4 months at maintenance level.

How much LITOVET® should I give?

For horses in light to moderate work feed 10g per 100kg of body weight for the first month then 5g per 100kg of body weight thereafter.

For horses in intense training and with specific problems feed 20g per 100kg of body weight for the first month then 10g per 100kg of body weight thereafter.

How long will LITOVET® take to work?

Every horse and pony is different but you should see improvements in about 1-2 months.

Is LITOVET® suitable for ponies?

Yes, LITOVET® is suitable for all types of horses and ponies.

Is LITOVET® suitable for competition horses/ponies?

LITOVET® is tested for absence of the prohibitive substances: caffeine, theobromine, theophylline, hyoscine, hordenine, atropine and morphine as defined by the BHA and the FEI.

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