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Testimonials: LITOVET® really works

LITOVET® Equine Joint Health has already worked for many horses. Here are just a couple of professional testimonials from LITOVET® users:

    James Fanshawe, Racehorse Trainer, Newmarket

    "I've used LITOVET® on my horses for the past few months and the difference is remarkable. They've all shown improvements in their action and suppleness and I'm particularly impressed with how quickly they recover after working. It definitely works."

    James Fanshawe, Racehorse Trainer, Newmarket

    Axel Olin, Member of the Swedish National Four-in-Hand Team

    "Four-in-hand is a tough sport for horses, it puts a lot of stress and strain on their legs and joints. I tried LITOVET® on two of my horses and after two weeks, the results were obvious - now all my horses are fed LITOVET®. The horses are now even more alert and fresh, in spite of the fact that we are in the middle of the competing season."

    Axel Olin, Member of the Swedish National Four-in-Hand Team

    As an international dressage rider, trainer and manager of ZV Dressage, I demand high quality products for all of my horses. I have been using LITOVET® on international dressage horse Woodcroft Garuda K (owned by Woodcroft Stud) for the past 18 months and I am very pleased with the results.

    As a three-year-old Garuda was in Germany at a stallion test when he fractured his splint bone. As a result the vet put him on creatinine sulfate to aid the healing process and I subsequently did a lot of research in to joint supplements

    Garuda had been on more traditional joint health supplements before LitoVet®and I had seen no real joint health improvement. However, LitoVet® provides Garuda with the nutritional support to sustain good joint health and flexibility, and works in a symbiotic way with his body and my feeding regime. I have noticed his legs are a lot less puffy after strenuous work and he is much looser in his movement.

    I will continue to use LitoVet® to help Garuda cope with the demands of his competitive, as well as his breeding, career.

    Lesley Peyton-Gilbert, International Dressage Rider, Northampton

    Long Drove Dressage Centre, Livery and Training, Cambridgeshire

    "We have been using LITOVET® for around a year now with great success. We have used the product under a number of different circumstances with good results. We have used LitoVet® on horses in training for dressage competition and on our broodmare with foals at foot. In particular we found this extremely useful on a fast growing filly that had slight joint swelling, both the mother and the filly were fed LitoVet® and this improved the swelling dramatically. The filly went on the win Champion filly at the British Hanoverian breed show so we would highly recommend this product."

    Long Drove Dressage Centre, Livery and Training, Cambridgeshire

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